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Home Exterior Design and Rebuilding: Exceptional Landscaping Woodbridge CT Services for Outstanding Results

Landscaping Woodbridge CTIf you just bought a new property with a dull exterior make-up or you feel it’s time to revamp your home’s landscape, it’s time to call the best Landscaping Woodbridge CT specialists. A new landscape design project is often too complicated to be implemented on your own. You need to pick the right plants, seeds, substances and tools and you need to have an artistic vision to blend everything in for a spectacular effect. Even a redesign project implies a lot of effort, knowledge and skills, as those trees won’t move if you ask them nicely. Moreover, no matter if you want to create a landscape from scratch or just add a few flower beds or hardscapes here and there, the correct budget is a difficult thing to nail, as hidden costs may turn all your plans upside down.

There’s no need for you to waste time and money trying hit-and-miss projects when all you have to do is call our Landscaping Woodbridge CT specialists to offer you a personalized landscaping design or landscaping rebuild plan. After all, we have been servicing the area for many years and there’s no type of soil, weed infestation, house architecture or hardscape features to give us troubles.

Why Should You Choose Our Professional Landscaping Woodbridge CT Complete Services?

Give us a call or write us an email and ask for a free estimate on what you wish to accomplish with your landscape. We will take care of the rest!

Landscape Design

  • We work with the best architects and landscape designers in the area, so we will come up with a personalized plan for your property. We don’t believe that one size fits all, so we will start building depending on the property’s size, sun / shadow areas, soil chemical makeup and fertilization needs, hardscape needs and your personal preferences on driveways and walkways.
  • We believe in sustainability, so we will plant regional flowers and trees so they are resilient to climacteric conditions, local weeds, and pests and environmental changes.
  • We are able to create a gorgeous landscape from A-to-Z, so you don’t have to call a different company to build you an exterior kitchen or reroute your driveway. From planting seeds to adding landscape irrigation, landscape lighting, and hardscape elements, you can count on us!

Landscape Remodel and Maintenance

  • We offer a personalized plan to use all your landscape elements in the best way possible without you having to buy extra plants or young trees.
  • Our range of Landscaping Woodbridge services also includes mulching (in different colors), installing (and repairing) sprinklers, adding hardscapes where needed, building extra pathways, overseeding and aeration and even asphalt repairs.
  • You can also opt for our landscape management program which includes weekly / monthly and seasonal specific activities so your landscape stays healthy and luxurious all year long.

Our wide integrated range of services recommends us as the best Landscaping Woodbridge CT service company in your area. You fear you won’t be pleased with our work? Give us a try! Our 100% Money Back guarantee holds us responsible for your complete satisfaction!

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Happy Customers

The work KC Landscaping done was nothing short of terrific! You guys never cease to amaze me. You are the most professional company with the best customer service I've ever had with a lawn care company. Lisa always answers when I call the office. It has been a tremendous experience working with such professional people. I've referred them to all my friends. Thanks a million!

Scott Langenheim

I had contacted KC Landscaping for two reasons, exceptional service and phenomenal results. At the completion of the project, KC Landscaping exceeded our expectations on both fronts. Kevin's respect of customer service and knowledge in designing and executing a plan of action will keep us a loyal client.

William Hankey IV

I have been a customer of KC Landscaping for 4 years now. Since Kevin and his crew has taken over the care of my property it has never looked better. The crew is always very friendly, they pay attention to details and always go above and beyond... I would highly recommend KC Landscaping to anyone who is looking for someone who is honest, fair and overall does a great job.

David Vignola