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An Exquisite Landscaping Middlebury CT Project Begins With Hiring the Best People for the Job

Landscaping Middlebury CTAll projects begin with getting the right team, able to perform the right tasks with a maximum of efficiency. Why should Landscaping Middlebury CT projects be any different? We all know what the main features of a good project are: a clear goal, measurable results, a set of clearly identified activities to be performed in order to reach the results, a comprehensive budget, and a set of means to make activities possible and a team of experts to get everything done. A landscaping design (or remodel) project follows the same steps and criteria. And while you may well know the ultimate goal and the results you want to see with your very own eyes, what about the means, the activities, the budget, and the workforce?

Mowing your lawn is a fun relaxing activity. Even concocting organic fertilizers for your garden flowers can be enjoyable and exciting. But what happens when you decide you want the tree line moved a little back in the yard, a new turf to be planted instead the old one, a new driveway to be made, a kiosk to be built and some efficient landscape irrigation systems to be installed? Suddenly, a landscape redesign or remodel project doesn’t seem so easy to achieve by yourself, does it?

Call Our Landscaping Middlebury CT Company and Let Us Implement Your Design Project with No Fuss and No Hidden Costs!

If you built or remodeled your house lately, you know how much work, trials and errors, money, time and nerves it all takes. A landscaping project is not an easy feat, but with our Landscaping Middlebury CT experts by your side, it’s going to be a fun ride after all!

  • We are specialized in both landscape design from scratch and landscape rebuilds and remodels. Even if you have an arid patch of land to turn into a piece of Heaven or a weed jungle you need to turn into a garden, we’re the best people for the job.
  • We have certified experts and technicians and each is a master of his craft. When it comes to adding color, texture, depth and the “wow effect” to your landscape, our creative artists can turn even the driest, ugly-looking patch of dirt into a lush outdoor environment. If you want to build your dream garden kitchen, our architects will come up with a gorgeous yet highly functional construction. And there are no better people than our horticulture specialists to plant seeds, mulch, build flower beds, care for trees and shrubs, control pests and weeds and see that your soil is properly nourished.
  • We offer individualized prices and a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee to top it all. Once we made the plan together and agreed on the budget, we won’t charge you anything extra for “unforeseen expenses.” Moreover, if something troubles you, we come back and do the job again. Still not happy with the results? It’s free then, with no strings attached!

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by a full landscape makeover! You want a professional Landscaping Middlebury CT project to give life to? Just give us a call!

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Happy Customers

The work KC Landscaping done was nothing short of terrific! You guys never cease to amaze me. You are the most professional company with the best customer service I've ever had with a lawn care company. Lisa always answers when I call the office. It has been a tremendous experience working with such professional people. I've referred them to all my friends. Thanks a million!

Scott Langenheim

I had contacted KC Landscaping for two reasons, exceptional service and phenomenal results. At the completion of the project, KC Landscaping exceeded our expectations on both fronts. Kevin's respect of customer service and knowledge in designing and executing a plan of action will keep us a loyal client.

William Hankey IV

I have been a customer of KC Landscaping for 4 years now. Since Kevin and his crew has taken over the care of my property it has never looked better. The crew is always very friendly, they pay attention to details and always go above and beyond... I would highly recommend KC Landscaping to anyone who is looking for someone who is honest, fair and overall does a great job.

David Vignola